“These guys get what it is to create metal music,” writes Matt Baggins of Two Guys Metal Reviews. “Their dedication to their reckless and spine snapping sound is impressive.”

Formed in early 2011, StormBat focused entirely on original material from the beginning. Hailed as “unique” and “innovative” by their peers in the underground metal community, with a stylistic fusion drawing from all manner of influences, the band only half-sarcastically describes their sound as “Contemporary Oldschool Thrash.” When pressed for clarification, rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter Stephen Huth states: “We play metal, it’s that simple. Sure, labels are fun and all, but we’re all in to different stuff and our sound is just what comes out of us as a band.”

StormBat released their self-titled debut album in March 2013, and their harder-heavier-faster second album “Decolonization” in March 2015. Between constantly writing and rehearsing new material, StormBat can be found raging all throughout central California and the greater bay area. “We’re spitting distance from the birthplace of thrash,” says lead guitarist Ian Rusconi, “where better to break new sonic ground?”

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