A New Era

You may notice something new here — namely: everything. Welcome to the new and improved stormbatband.com, the online home of the swarm. We went with a completely clean-slate approach, so stay tuned as we load this place up with new content.

The Music Page has all-new players built in, which you can access on any device. You’ll find that it now works much better than it used to. Even more: it SOUNDS better than it used to. Give it a spin.

Also new, we have a show tracker built in to the site in the sidebar and on the Shows Page, just click over and scroll down. You’ll see the same thing popping up in our Bandcamp profile, our Spotify listing, and our SoundCloud.

There are a ton of content links down at the bottom of the page, so you can find us on your preferred service if you’d rather do that than visit us here. So go ahead and poke around, we have a lot in store for you. Our second album, Decolonization, drops on Friday March 13th 2015, and we’ll have some kickass contests and prize packs along the way. Until then, crank it up and keep on spreading the Word of the Bat.

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